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$15,200,000.00 Verdict for a Sheet-metal worker fell from ladder, sustaining elbow, finger, knee and shoulder injuries. Settled for $7,900,000.00

$11,100,000.00 Verdict for a Steamfitter fell from scaffold injuring neck and hand. Settled for $9,000,000.00

$5,461,000.00 Verdict for student severe injury to foot in Motor vehicle accident. Settled for $3,500,000.00

$5,300,000.00 settlement for a 45 year old steamfitter injured when his ladder slipped out from under him causing devastating knee injuries .

$4,750,000.00 settlement for a 45 year old union steamfitter who fell from a ladder causing right shoulder dislocation and a rotator cuff tear.
Denied Social Security Disability Benefits?

Don't be discouraged if you are denied disability benefits after your initial application. A large number of cases are denied at this stage. Do not give up or file a new application. The best approach is to file an appeal since the likelihood of success is far greater at this stage in the process. The social security disability attorneys at Fanning & FIore, LLP can help you through the appeal process and greatly increase the likelihood of a favorable decision.

One of the reasons disability applicants have a better chance upon appeal is that they will have the opportunity to appear with an advocate and present their case before an Administrative Law Judge. This will enable them to explain to the judge how their impairments affect them on a day-to-day basis and how they are precluded from engaging in any full-time work activity. The hearing is also an opportunity to present more extensive or up to date medical evidence to support your disability claim. Your disability attorneys at Fanning & FIore, LLP will gather the relevant evidence, prepare you to testify and present arguments to the Administrative Law Judge.

Remember, you have sixty days from the date of your denial to file an appeal, so contact our office as soon as possible. Our lawyers are available for a free consultation regarding disability benefits and the appeal process. Remember, Social Security cases are contingency fee based, so you are charged only if we win your case. The fee will be taken out of your retroactive benefits if you receive a favorable decision.

To talk with a Social Security Disability lawyer about your benefits, contact the New York law offices of Fanning & FIore, LLP, by calling us at 516 942 3600. You may also complete our online contact form. Initial consultations are free and confidential.